Finding Authentic Tacos In Spartanburg

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Are you looking for a great authentic taco in Spartanburg? Kidding Around Contributor Melanie Coblentz is right there with you. She’s a taco fan and has tried several restaurants in Spartanburg searching for that perfect taco. Here’s her list of authentic taco qualifications and restaurants where you can find them!

I recently saw where a national poll declared a fast-food chain as having the best tacos in the country. After some reflection, I realized that this poll result was (most likely) because of the fact that it’s a national chain with a location in every town.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to seek out the best authentic taco in Spartanburg. My search was also a quest to relive the tacos of my childhood. As a kid I spent quite a few weekends working at the flea market with my dad, enjoying tacos from a taco truck before it was a trendy thing.

My search in Spartanburg is just beginning, but I have some places I’ve tried and some I’m excited to try.

What Makes an Authentic Taco

Before I get to the list, let me just clarify what an authentic taco means to me.

  • It’s got to be on a soft corn Tortilla. ALWAYS. Don’t get me wrong, I love flour tortillas and hard shell corn tacos. But for the purpose of my quest, only this type of corn tortilla will do
  • Next and most importantly, is the meat. Save the ground beef for the burgers, we’re looking for grilled meats. Ideally, pork or beef.
  • The tacos are then completed with a simple topping of cilantro, onion and a squirt of fresh lime juice.
  • Occasionally the tacos will be served next to a salad of lettuce, tomato, and cheese – but surprisingly these are not meant to be piled on top of your taco. 

Where to Find Authentic Tacos

The following places are just some of the places around town you can find such a taco.

Burrito Hub

Conveniently located in downtown Spartanburg, Burrito Hub has quickly become one of my favorite places to grab tacos in the hub city. The tacos are reasonably priced, they have the best elote in the world, and they have margaritas! Follow them on social media to know when they have specials.
253 Magnolia Street, Spartanburg | 864.327.8406

El Pariente

This restaurant is very popular in local foodie groups, with good reason. The food is authentic, reasonably priced, and good. I enjoy the carne asada and al pastor tacos, with a side of scratch-made refried beans. There’s a salsa bar to customize your tacos if you’d like to add some heat. Conveniently located next to I-26, don’t let the Roebuck address deter you from trying the tacos here.
6198 Highway 221, Roebuck | 864.913.1500

Chips and Cheese

One glance at online reviews and you’ll be ready to head to Wellford to enjoy some tacos here. The portions are generous and reasonably priced.
105 B Little Mountain Road, Wellford | 864.336.5008

Tacos & Bla Bla Bla

A Greenville Favorite is opening a location in Woodruff, on Laurens Road soon! Follow them on Facebook for more info to be announced and to find out where their food truck is headed next!

Uncle Bertos Burritos

Already a favorite with readers in Greenville. The newly opened location in Roebuck is turning diners in Spartanburg into fans. Their yummy authentic tacos and awesome kids meal deals are a reason Uncle Bertos is a favorite with my family. For residents on the westside of Spartanburg, the Simpsonville location might be closer to dine at.
2509 Stone Station Road, Roebuck | 864.586.3973
100 Batesville Road, Simpsonville | 864.234.6501

Carlitos Tacos

This super popular taco truck can usually be found in the parking lots adjacent to the national taco chain, near I-26 and W.O. Ezell Boulevard. You can call in your order so it’ll be ready when you pull up.

A Few More Tacos to Try

Other places that have been recommended to me by readers, that I have yet to try are:

Nacho Taco
Fabian Mata’s concern for his community and for his patrons after our recent tornados has me eager to have a meal at this popular downtown restaurant.
129 Spring Street, Spartanburg | 864.586.1192

Delicious Pasteleria
I’m excited to try the tacos this bakery serves up, it comes highly recommended! Plus their baked goodies look really tempting!
106 South Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC

El Burrito
3614 Parris Bridge Road, Boiling Springs | 864.814.0770

Taco Grill
3442 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs | 864.814.6770

There are plenty of awesome Mexican and taco places that are not on the list. I hope this inspires our readers to head out and explore the little tucked away restaurants, with awesome authentic offerings.

Help Melanie Find the Perfect Taco

Is there a place you think I should add to my quest for the perfect authentic taco? Let me know!

About the Author
Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom to two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures! She enjoys sharing her finds with friends and loves even more that she can share them with Kidding Around readers! She can be found on Instagram @figuringthisoutdotcom
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Brittney Ann Kennedy
Brittney Ann Kennedy
1 year ago

There is a taco place inside of the Barnyard Flea Market, I know, I know, I walked past it for 4 years refusing to eat something from a flea market, but the people around it were ridiculous. My son and I always loved the smell, but like any reasonable mother I wasnt going to allow my kid to get food poisoning from a flea market taco, until about 2 weeks ago. He begged and I gave in. He got 2 tacos and I’m here to tell you, there is NO match to these tacos! The people making them do a… Read more »

1 year ago

We make the drive to this flea market just for the tacos!!

1 year ago

We are planning a #TacoChallengeTour stop at the flea market based on your incredible review! Thank you so much!
I’m terribly excited to try these, stay tuned to see what happens!

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor
1 year ago

If you want really authentic tacos or just the best authentic Mexican food, you absolutly must go to Maria’s Beer and Grill. It is located at 7824 Asheville Hwy. in Spartanburg. It is a small, unassuming place with the freshest and most authentic food any where around.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Taylor

Thank you so much for your recommendation! Maria’s got several mentions from people on social media as well! This is definitely getting added to our #TacoChallengeTour itinerary!

1 year ago

La Fonda, Spartanburg SC

1 year ago
Reply to  John

What’s your favorite thing to get at La Fonda, John?

1 year ago

Great article, Melanie! Try Carlito’s Taco Truck–you’ll find him in the parking lot of Academy Sports in Spartanburg. Bright green truck. AMAZING tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. We drive from Chesnee just for his food. We can’t recommend it highly enough!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jenny

You know what Jenny? I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed this while standing in line for a Raspado from Penguino Hermanos!

Ohhhh my two favs, at once? Yes please!
I promise to give it a try and post about it on Kidding Around!

Derrell Gault
Derrell Gault
2 months ago

You need to try Mission Grill on Hwy 81 in Anderson. All their food is fantastic especially the tacos. Al pastor is great.Some of the best guacamole you will find anywhere.

2 months ago

You should really try the Acapulco Bakery out on Fairforest Road. It is a bakery, market, and on the weekends only a restaurant. Every time I am there, I am the only gringo in the joint. Totally authentic.