Complete List of Bargain Shopping for Kids in Spartanburg

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Looking for a way to keep your kids in nice clothes without taking out a second mortgage? Kids’ clothing is expensive, when you consider there is an expiration date attached in the form of a growth spurt! We’ve hit the streets of Spartanburg and beyond looking for good deals on children’s clothing. 

The Kids’ Clothing Struggle is Real

Kids clothes are the bain of a parent’s budget. When I decide to pay too much for an outfit “because it’s just so cute,” I know it will only last a few hours before a whole slice of pepperoni pizza lands on it.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I discovered the wonderful world of gently used children’s clothing. I was hooked from there forward and my daughter had an entire wardrobe for the first several years of her life accumulated before she was even born. The only problem was, she didn’t fit into the stuff I’d pre-purchased when it was seasonally appropriate. I know this has probably happened to everyone reading this. Clothes get outgrown with the tags still on them, and then what? Re-selling those items is a great way to make the money to purchase new ones, and we just happen to have tips for reselling kids’ clothing.

But once you’ve sold what doesn’t fit and you set out to find bargains on more children’s clothing, where do you go? We asked our readers and they came through with a bunch of places to find discounted clothing for children. 

Consignment Stores

Whippersnappers Kids & Maternity Resale Boutique

Whippersnappers (one of our great sponsors) is a go-to in Greenville and opened its Spartanburg location earlier this year. They make good use of their space, where you can find clothes for mom and baby and kids, plus baby carriers and infant gear, shoes, books and puzzles. I’ve been there during one of their sales and everything was affordable and in good shape.

Kidding Around Reader Riley says “Whippersnappers Kids and Maternity! April Parr and her ladies are the best!” 

1735 John B. White, Sr. Boulevard, Spartanburg

1036 N Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

Once Upon A Child 

1450 W.O. Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg SC 29301


KAS reader, Erica says – “I shop at once upon a child most of the time because honestly at the shop they play outside everyday and do crafts and what not so I don’t see the sense in buying brand new expensive clothes. The clothes are usually just as great, and half the price.”

New 2 You Consignment 

39 N. Main Street, Inman 29349


This consignment shop is only open seasonally, September through June. 

Plato’s Closet 

106-A Franklin Avenue, Spartanburg 29301


KAS reader, Nicole says – “… for teens/tweens I love Plato’s closet…..”

Wholesale Clubs 

Another popular option with readers is wholesale clubs. Because there is a membership fee involved, this option is only a good idea if you already have a membership. 

KAS reader, Nicole says – “Sams & Costco in season prices are good but after season the clearance prices are amazing!! $2 shorts”

Costco Wholesale  

211 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC 29301

Sam’s Club

200 Peachwood Center Drive, Spartanburg SC 29301

Retail Stores

The Children’s Place 

205 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC 29301

This is one of my favorite places to buy children’s clothing. If you subscribe to their mailing list then you will regularly receive coupons. When you combine these with sale prices and rewards credits, the prices are less than consignment stores. I like that I can shop from home and return items to the store, if something doesn’t fit. Nearly all of the pants come with an adjustable waistband, which really helps clothes last longer size wise.

For even more savings there’s a company outlet store.

The Children’s Place Outlet

1 Factory Shops Boulevard, Gaffney SC 29341


205 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC 29301

KAS reader, Samantha says – “H&M has adorable clothes and they’re really inexpensive. We love the pants because they have adjustable waistbands.”

For even more savings there’s a company outlet store.

H&M Outlet 

1 Factory Shops Boulevard, Gaffney SC 29341

Cohen’s Close Outs

307 West Main Street, Spartanburg SC 29306

This Catalog close-out store is located just up the street from RJ Rockers and is one of Spartanburg’s best kept secrets! You never know what you’ll find there, including awesome prices on name brand clothing.

The OOPS! Co.

900 East Main Street, Spartanburg SC 29302


1450 W.O. Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg SC 29301

Readers said with awesome sales, coupons and rewards programs – these retail stores are great places to find a deal.


7600 Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg SC 29301


205 W. Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC 29301


205 W. Blackstock Road – Unit 132, Spartanburg SC 29301

Did we leave out your favorite Spartanburg location for kids clothing bargains? Let us know in the comments. Happy Shopping!

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