Where You Can Find the Best Milkshakes in Spartanburg

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Love a good milkshake? We here at Kidding Around were tasked with the difficult (self-imposed) job of seeking out the best milkshake in the Hub-City.

To make this task more adventurous, we sent our lactose-intolerant team member Melanie to confirm our findings. So you know if she’s giving it a thumbs up – it’s GOOD. Here are her favorite locally owned places to grab a milkshake in Spartanburg!

Rocky Moo

100 East Main Street – Suite R4, Spartanburg
This local ice cream shop may be known for its custom-created ice cream sandwiches, but we are here to tell you their “moo-shakes” are addictive. Don’t worry that you are going to miss out on getting to be creative, like with their custom sandwiches. You can customize that shake with toppings and syrups, too!

Big Ben’s Desserts

297 Spartanburg Highway South, Wellford
Fans of Kidding Around already know how much we love this former NFL player and his awesome treats. The milkshakes are no different. If you haven’t been to see Ben yet, you are not living your best life! If you aren’t familiar with Big Ben’s yet, go now and thank us later.

Hub City Scoops

158 East Main Street, Spartanburg
There are over 2 dozen different flavor possibilities for milkshakes and floats at Hub City Scoops! If you factor in toppings and ice cream flavor combinations, you’d have a billion different options.

Yes, I did the math and it came out to a billion.

Math aside, this favorite with the locals also offers cool deserts like ice cream nachos and a flight of ice cream. As some of you know, I’m still working on local restaurants to offer a flight of side dishes, so this gets a thumbs up from me. Hmmm, what about a milkshake flight???

Cribbs Kitchen

226 B West Main Street, Spartanburg
Did you know Cribbs Kitchen had milkshakes? Did you know you can get the milkshakes upgraded to “adult” status with a shot of complimenting alcohol? Neither did we!!! Now that you know, you can go and enjoy one of their Kahlua/coffee/oreo, chocolate/peanut butter/banana/bourbon, or white chocolate/nilla wafer/vodka creations.

Dillard’s Ice Cream

504 South Buncombe Road, Greer
This local farm stand in Greer offers over 2 dozen different flavors of ice cream made in North Carolina. That means a lot of choices when it comes to milkshakes. Plus you can get a malted, which is one of my mom’s favorites to order there!

We hope you get out there and try all that Spartanburg has to offer when it comes to milkshakes!

We love supporting local small business owners!

About the Author
Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom of two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures! She enjoys sharing her finds with friends and loves even more that she can share them with Kidding Around readers! She can be found on Instagram @figuringthisoutdotcom
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1 year ago

Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for good ice cream in Spartanburg and this group will give me lots of adventures. Love a good shake.

1 year ago

It’s definitely good to know there are great choices for Milkshakes in Spartanburg!