Our Readers Say These are the Best Restaurants for Chinese Food in Spartanburg

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Are you looking for great Chinese food in Spartanburg? We asked our readers where we could find really excellent Chinese cuisine and we discovered there are some pretty strong opinions on the topic. These are the restaurants where our Spartanburg readers go when it’s time for egg rolls and fried rice.

I don’t know about you, but for as long as I can remember, whenever I’m feeling under the weather all I want is to sink into a serving of Chinese food! It was almost all I ate while I was pregnant with my youngest child. I’m surprised my daughter’s first words weren’t Nǐ hǎo (“hello” in Mandarin). There’s just something therapeutic about sinking into a warm bowl of egg drop soup with a steamy pot of Oolong tea.

Favorite Chinese Food in Spartanburg

Hong Xing Chinese Restaurant

864. 949-8889 | 12175 West Greenville Hwy, Lyman

Currently my favorite place to grab some Chinese take out in Spartanburg is Hong Xing in Lyman. One of my favorite parts of a Chinese meal are the egg rolls, and they’ve got the best I’ve found in the Hub City. I usually order what my children refer to as “chicken lollipops,” pork fried rice, a spicy chicken dish for me, and several egg rolls. Several more now that my children caught wind of how awesome they are. They are extremely busy on the weekends, so don’t wait until you are hangry to order.

Panda Garden Chinese Restaurant

864.595.2988 | 2420 Reidville Road, Spartanburg

Panda Garden. Consistently good and fast every time.

Dodi W.

Hunan K

864.576.8277 | 2401 Reidville Road – #3, Spartanburg

Hunan K on Reidville Rd. best lon mein and crispy egg rolls

Karie G.

Hunan K Restaurant…..best hot & sour soup, also fabulous chinese donuts!

Taran M.

Third for Hunan K!

Megan D.

New Asia

864.599.6740 | 3720 Boiling Springs Road – Suite J, Boiling Springs

Favorite Chinese Worth the Drive from Spartanburg

A lot of our readers travel to Greenville to grab take out from their favorite places. The two most popular restaurants mentioned by Kidding Around Greenville readers, were also mentioned by our Spartanburg readers!

Asia Pacific Restaurant & Supermarket

864.603.1377 | 420 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

I also have impossibly high standards for Chinese cuisine, and it wasn’t until recently that I found a place that reminds me of the authentic Chinese food I crave. The authentic kind you find in cities like Chicago, DC and New York.  Can you think of anyplace else locally where you can select a live fish from a tank and ask for it to be cooked to your liking? The best way to experience dining here is with a large group eating family style. Alva, the owner has a huge table set in the dining area just for that! Everyone orders up a dish from the menu and shares, it’ll be better than any buffet you’ll find anywhere, plus there will be leftovers to take home.

I like this place because it is authentic chinese food. And I love it more because it is Hong Kong style Chinese food. Plus they have milk tea with tapioca! FYI – the restaurant is in the grocery store.

Lynna L.

Lieu’s Chinese Bistro

864.675.9898 | 1149 Woodruff Rd, Greenville

Our favorite is Lieu’s! Our curveball is that I am gluten free, which is tricky with soy sauce. Lieu’s is fantastic about accomidating my allergy, and can make almost every entree gluten free. Pro tip – get off at Pelham and sneak down Garlington road to avoid Woodruff!!

Eva K.

Favorite Asian Restaurants in Spartanburg

These restaurants while not serving Chinese cuisine, still serve up a mean bowl of Asian soup to cure what ails you.

The Monsoon Noodle House

Pan Asian Cuisine
864.582.0618 | 129 West Main Street, Spartanburg

I was feeling under the weather recently and a good friend took me to Monsoon and ordered me up a bowl of soup. It’s his go-to cure all when ever he is sick. I can’t speak to it’s medicinal quality, but boy was it delicious!

I’m a big fan of Monsoon House in downtown Spartanburg.

Lori W.

The 8.6 Pho House

Vietnamese Cuisine
864.804.6208 | 4082 SC-9, Boiling Springs

The 8.6 Pho is absolutely delicious! Family owned local spot with such great food. My favorite is the seafood pho.

Sam C.

Where do you get your favorite Chinese food in Spartanburg?

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