The City of Spartanburg Just Extended it’s Mask Ordinance: What You Need to Know

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The City of Spartanburg mask ordinance that went into effect in June, has been extended at tonight’s City Council meeting. This extension will go into effect for another 60 days.

South Carolina DHEC recently released data indicating that places with mask mandates saw a 46% decline in new covid-19 cases within 4 weeks of the requirement.

The City Council members unanimously voted to require masks at that meeting, effective starting Monday, June 29th.

City of Spartanburg Mask Ordinance

The Spartanburg mask ordinance includes:

  • Requires masks be utilized at pharmacies, public transport, and grocery stores within the city limits by patrons.
  • Mandates the wearing of masks by employees at restaurants, retail stores, barbershops, hair salons, and pharmacies within city limits.
  • Includes the recommendation of masks for people at all other businesses barring legitimate health reasons that prohibit them from doing so.
  • Non-compliance could result in a $25 citation for patrons and a $100 citation for businesses.

The ordinance includes language that would permit the loss of a business permit for those that don’t enforce mask-wearing within their grocery store or pharmacy.

It’s our aim to encourage the public affected by the ordinance to take this responsibility seriously, and comply.

Chris Story, Spartanburg City Manager

Some of the locations included in the requirement that fall within the city limits include

  • The Walmart Supercenter at Dorman Center
  • The Walmart Supercenters at Hillcrest
  • Publix in the Hillcrest Market Place
  • Aldi – 1605 East Main Street
  • The Fresh Market – 1200 East Main Street

The ordinance in its entirety can be found on the City Of Spartanburg website.

Americans With Disabilities Act and Masks

There’s been a lot of confusion over what a business is and is not required to do with regards to people with legitimate health issues that prohibit them from wearing a mask. The American’s With Disabilities Act provides protections for those who need accommodations to access things that the general public can.

If a person with a disability is not able to wear a face mask, state and local government agencies and private businesses must consider reasonable modifications to a face mask policy so that the person with the disability can participate in, or benefit from, the programs offered or goods and services that are provided. A reasonable modification means changing policies, practices, and procedures, if needed, to provide goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations to an individual with a disability. The requirement to modify a policy, practice, or procedure does not include individuals without disabilities, as they are not protected under the ADA.


Reasonable modifications of service to patrons would include:

  • Allow patrons to wear a scarf, loose face covering, or full face shield instead of a face mask
  • Allow patrons to order online or by phone with curbside pick-up or no contact delivery in a timely manner
  • Allow a person to wait in a car for an appointment and enter the building when called or texted instead of a waiting area
  • Offer appointments by telephone or video calls

Getting A Mask

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