Readers’ Choice for All Things Coffee in Spartanburg

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Looking for the best cup of coffee in Spartanburg? We asked our readers where the best cup of joe is served and our readers had a clear favorite! Kidding Around’s Melanie had to go check some of these out for herself.

The Grind

Tired parents have been depending on coffee for getting them through the day since the 15th century. This life sustaining elixir is easy to make at home, but don’t things always taste better when someone else makes them for us? Our readers feel very strongly about this lifeline beverage and they wasted no time letting us know where they love to go for their coffee. 

I admire people who can make it through a long day without a shot of coffee. I can remember my first cup of coffee like it was yesterday. It was also the best cup I’ve ever had, although I’ll admit I might be romanticizing it’s memory. It was on a flight out of the country and I was only twelve. That first sip, later bloomed into a love of all things coffee, specifically a coffee made to perfection.

I just happend to find that perfect cup in the kichen of a friend. Whenever I go to visit her, she makes me the most awesome iced coffee drinks imaginable. It’s probably good she lives in Atlanta, or we’d have a problem.

Since not everyone is lucky enough to have a Dori in their lives, we bring you the next best thing. Here is a list of coffee bars that made the grade In Spartanburg.

Little River Roasting

Best Coffee in Spartanburg

Little River Coffee Bar 

188 West Main Street, Spartanburg SC 29306 | 864.582.1227

KAS readers love their coffee, and the majority seem to love it from Little River Coffee Bar! Located next to downtown’s favorite book shop, it’s the perfect place to grab some coffee and get some work or reading done. 

“Little Roasting Coffee, has some of the best coffee I have every had, and I lived in San Francisco.”


“Little River Roasting Coffee Bar because it’s the best tasting coffee around, and I can hit up the book store while drinking.”


Pharmacy Coffee

187 North Church Street, Spartanburg SC 29306 | 864.913.1010

The newest addition to the Little River Roasting family, this coffee shop is located inside the historic Montgomery building.  

Little River Roasting 

460 Marion Avenue, Spartanburg SC 29306 | 864.913.1010

If you prefer to make your own coffee, you can still enjoy our readers favorite coffee at home. They roast their own beans and you can visit the roasters to pick up some freshly roasted coffee!

“I love little river coffee roasting center and cafe. It’s right off the rail trail and fresh yummy coffee is $1. You can get your bag of coffee there. Always three of four options and make it your way coffee bar. And they even have non dairy creamer options. I love this place. Small, cozy, friendly and wonderful coffee.”


Bella Latte 

  • 1595 East Main Street, Duncan SC 29334 | 864.433.0008
  • 1637 John B White Sr Boulevard, Spartanburg SC 29301 | 864.595.2888
  • 1802 Drayton Road, Spartanburg SC 29307

… It’s nice to stop before/after Hatcher Gardens!

Zananda H

Coffee Near Greer, SC

Just at the edge of town in Greer, there are two great options. Grab your beverage of choice and then take a walk to City park to sit on a bench swing in front of the fountain.

Stomping Grounds

208 Trade Street, Greer SC 29651 | 864.801.1555

Barista Alley

125 East Poinsett Street, Greer SC 29651 | 864.655.5180

Now that you know where a good cup of caffeine can be found in Spartanburg you can grab some and conquer the world! Hot, iced, frozen or black, these baristas will have you covered. 

Did we include your favorite place to grab coffee?

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