10 Fall Date Ideas to Kick Off the Season

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Are you looking for fall date ideas in Spartanburg? If you are hoping for a date that represents the season, you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of date ideas to chose from to help you embrace fall and the ones you love. 

Dates are fun and necessary for healthy relationships. Now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s time for some festive, fall themed dates in Spartanburg. These can be family date activities, Daddy and Daughter/Son dates, Mother and Son/Daughter dates, romantic couple dates, or any combination. All will provide memories and fall fun!

PSL Date

Is anything more fall than the delicious aroma and taste of the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte? Grab frothing, steaming cups of fall in liquid form and simply turn off all electronics and talk until the drinks are gone. You can visit the favorite national chain that made the PSL famous or one of the upstate’s many independent coffee houses to sample their take on the recipe. Local tip: The Little River Coffee Bar has a variety of delicious pumpkin-flavored combinations.

Football Date

Fall means football, so make a date of it! Go to a local high school’s Friday Night Lights game, especially if you graduated from one of our Spartanburg area high schools or if your kids will one day graduate from there. If college football is more your game, the Upstate has no shortage of exciting college football teams to support. Dress in team colors, paint your faces, and by all means, TAILGATE!

Apple Date

Apple picking is FUN. There are many great orchards in the Upstate and within a short drive where you can pick your own apples, or if you are unable (or unwilling) to do the hard labor, at least find a roadside stand offering the delicious fall fruit and support our local farmers. Once you have your apples home, find a huge bowl or bucket and bob for apples! Many laughs and memories are sure to ensue! Once you clean up the water mess you can start to work on transforming your apples into yummy dishes or simply enjoy as is. Read our Guide to UPick Apple Orchards near Spartanburg.

Leaves Date

One of the best things about living in the upstate is our changing of seasons. This year the leaves are supposed to be extra colorful and vibrant. You can take a day trip up to the mountains to see the artistry in expanse or just a drive around town to your favorite park will also result in visions of festive fall color. Take some pictures of the changing trees and landscape and make sure you get a few selfies with the colorful backdrop. Pick your favorite leaf to bring home and display in your scrapbook beside your pictures of the day. See our list of Fall Leaves Near Spartanburg.

Farmers Market Date

Visit one of our local farmers’ markets such as the Hub City Farmer’s Market in downtown Spartanburg and enjoy the bounty of the fall harvest. Pick up fresh, local ingredients and make an entire meal from nothing but your finds. Make sure you try a new produce or recipe.

Thrift Store Date

Once you break out your fall wardrobe, find a few items that you can donate to a local thrift store. When you drop off your donations, have some fun with it. Set a small budget, ($5 or $10) and have your date pick out something for you to wear this season and you shop for him/her. You can pick something silly or something you think each other would really find fashionable!

Bonfire Date

If at all possible, take firewood, kindling, matches and have a real, flaming, crackling, outdoor bonfire because it is one of life’s purest pleasures. Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and the appropriate tools to roast them into a s’more only add to the festive fall experience. However, if you do not have a safe place outdoors to set the blaze, never fear. Netflix, Hulu and Youtube all offer lovely video substitutions you can watch from the comfort of your living room while you microwave yourself a s’more!

Christmas Shopping Date

Ironic having a Christmas date on a Fall Date list? Maybe, but come mid-December, you will be glad you went on this date! Sit down together and plan out your Christmas list now, before things get Christmas crazy AND you can take advantage of all the end of summer sales. Planning early and working together to knock a few gifts off your list will make your life easier in a few weeks and it’s a fun date activity!

Thankful List Date

Fall reminds us to be thankful of things we may take for granted during the rest of the year. Pick your favorite restaurant and go at a slow time of the day or week so you can sit together and make a list of what you’re each thankful for this year. Be bold in the number of thanksgivings you ponder and write out. I bet you can come up with 100 things for which you are thankful if you silence your phones AND order dessert. When you get home, hang the list on the fridge or better yet, frame it.

Pumpkin Date

Pumpkins mean fall and fall means pumpkins! There are so many things you can do with a pumpkin-themed date. You can pick your own pumpkins, carve pumpkins, paint pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, cook pumpkin pie, try pumpkin ice-cream, or all of the above and more in one day! See how many pumpkin-themed activities you can fit into your date. If you carve or paint your pumpkins, have a contest and ask your social media friends to vote for their favorite. Friendly competition strengthens all relationships!

Fall is a wonderful time to slow down and spend time with those you most love and the Upstate is the perfect place to take advantage of all fall has to offer. Enjoy your dates!

Do you have a favorite date for fall? If so, please share it in the comments!

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