Family Friendly Gyms in Spartanburg

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Are you looking for a family gym in Spartanburg? Maybe you need a way to squeeze in some self-care time for yourself this year? As a parent it is so easy to forget to take care of our own needs. Spending time working out can be beneficial in so many ways, some you might not have considered. Here’s a list of reader recommended gyms in Spartantburg with family friendly features.

What if instead of working out with a goal of how many reps you can do or how well you keep up in spin class, you do it for your mental health. Spending time doing something just for you.

Most gyms offer more than just traditional workouts, like pools and yoga. Because most of our readers are also parents, a facility with child care is going to be important. So, we reached out to our followers in social media and asked which Spartanburg gyms they prefer for a family. You might be surprised to learn that some options offer more than just childcare!

Gyms in Spartanburg Perfect For Families

Spartanburg Athletic Club

864.582.5050 | 2420 Andrews Road, Spartanburg

Spartanburg atheltic club is the best!!❤we love the weight room. They have an indoor and outdoor pool. The daycare and workers are wonderful. They have zone training which is similar to crossfit. They have unlimited classes. The managers are awesome and genuinely care about you. The locker rooms are roomy and each have a sauna in them. There’s tons of lockers. Also for tennis lovers they have tons of courts!!


Burn Boot Camp – Spartanburg

864.715.2267 | 1802 Drayton Road – Unit 110, Spartanburg

Burn Boot Camp – Spartanburg, SC hands down! Best gym I have ever been a part of. I love it and my kids love it! The childcare is the best and so clean!


Burn Boot Camp at Drayton Mill is the place to go!!! My girls love going with me. They treat you like family. We won’t go anywhere else.


YMCA Locations

Local YMCA locations are always a popular choice with Kidding Around readers. Not only do they offer childcare, they also offer child/parent classes. One of the most popular perks of a YMCA membership are the “parent’s night out” nights they offer.

Membership prices vary, but income based scholarships and other discounts are available. Reciprocity benefits with some memberships allow you to visit any YMCA location nationwide!

Middle Tyger YMCA Family Center

864.433.9623 | 720 Shoals Road, Duncan

Parent’s night out offered every other Saturday night.

YMCA for our family is the best deal around. Child care. Great classes. Two locations close by. The pool!!! My big kids love the downtown location with the water slide. I love the hot tub! My almost 2 year old loves to play with his friends while I workout giving me some nice me time.


Y in Duncan has mom and child yoga classes


Thomas E Hannah Family YMCA

864.585.0306 | 151 Ribault Street, Spartanburg

Parent’s night out offered every Saturday night.

Currently the YMCA is the best fit for us – a family membership provides childcare while parents work out; indoor heated swimming pools for fun and for lessons; discounts on their sports programs; and the money we save on babysitters by using Parents Night Out (date night childcare on Saturday evenings) is amazing


The YMCA on Pine Street. They have childcare, sports for kids are half off with membership, they are really nice, and my kids love the pool with splashpark.


Pine street YMCA has a great program and you can watch your child on a camera from your treadmill. Not to mention the water park that you can enjoy with your kids


Regardless of where you go, we hope you decide to find a way to make some time for yourself this year.

Is there a family friendly gym we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments.

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