Haunted Places in The Upstate

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Do you love a good scare? If so, this article about spooky haunted places in and near Spartanburg is just for you. Allow local parent, Chad, to tell you about some of the most popular haunted places in Spartanburg and the legends behind them.

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The start of October always helps jump start the fall season. We start seeing lots of pumpkin spice goodies to eat and drink, leaves changing colors, ghosts, apple farms and orchards everywhere, and cooler temperatures.  Wait, ghosts?!  If you’re inclined to be creeped out, scared, get the collywobbles, or in general dislike the paranormal activity that is associated with Halloween season, this isn’t the article for you.  We have plenty of other great Spartanburg Halloween content that you should check out instead.  On the other hand, if ghost stories and other supernatural occurrences are right up your dark spooky alley, you won’t want to just skim through this post!

The entirety of South Carolina has its fair share of ghost legends, from Hilton Head to Myrtle Beach, through Columbia and up to Spartanburg.  For now, we’re going to focus on the Upstate. One of the fun aspects of Upstate ghosts is the huge amount of sightings and legends in Spartanburg.  From Hell’s Gate to Converse College, there are no shortages of opportunities to be found. Be advised that all claims hereafter are just that. Your experiences may vary at any site, and if you go visiting, be sure to follow all local ordinances.

Ghosts in the Upstate

Near Rose Hill Plantation in Union County there is an old steel bridge, and legend has it that in the 1950’s a woman threw her baby off the bridge.  Some people have heard a baby cry and others have also seen a woman yelling for her baby.

Seven Devils Bridge in Woodruff has a peculiar phenomenon attached to it.  Reports are that at midnight exactly, people are unable to cross the bridge and break down crying.  This bridge is not open for vehicles.

haunted places in the Upstate

Ghosts right here in Spartanburg

Oakwood Cemetery right here in Spartanburg is considered by many one of the most actively haunted places in SC. Known by the moniker of Hell’s Gate, the list of things that people claim to have experienced are lengthy. Cold spots, orbs, children’s laughter, rapidly drained batteries in electronics, plumes of smoke, fog, the feeling of being watched, and a young boy asking to be played with are all routine reports.

Live over near Converse College?  Well, guess what, Converse College has a large list of paranormal activity.

  • There is legend of a friendly boy in Williams dorm.
  • Pell Hall has a White Lady ghost, as well as a somewhat hostile female ghost that has been known to lock people in rooms and be otherwise unpleasant.
  • The Evans building often has the sounds of sneakers on the basketball court, and bouncing ball sounds while the building is empty.
  • In the Hazel B. Abbott Theatre you may find that the ghost of Hazel Abbott. Strange noises are routinely heard in the prop room, and you can get a long lasting chill if you sit in her chair.
  • Most significantly, at Wilson Hall is a stairway up to a bell tower. This door is locked, which is good. The ghost here is reported to be very hostile, angry, and dangerous. He is also reported to have red eyes by the few that have seen him in the past.

South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, also right here in Spartanburg, is known to have the ghost of a woman who ran the school during the Civil War.

Foster’s Tavern, a historic landmark in Spartanburg has been known to have footsteps and sounds from empty staircases, and the sound of horses on the roof!

Ghosts said to haunt Greenville

The Westin Poinsett Hotel in Greenville has guests report noises and knocks in empty hallways, and seeing an old man in their room.

The Poinsett Bridge in northern Greenville County, while not open to vehicle traffic is known to be open to mist, orbs, and intense feelings of dread.

Old Piedmont Highway in Greenville is known as the Ghost Road in some circles. There are stories of ghosts trying to warn people of dangerous turns in the road, and lights following vehicles late at night.

The Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital isn’t there anymore.  Some people knew it by another name, The Devil’s Castle. It was torn down many years ago.  But it has a new name and many new visitors since Herdklotz Park was built on the same site. There are many theories as to why this area would be haunted, and some claim that most of the foundation and even some underground areas remain intact under the playground. Since the park opened, it seems much of the dread people report has gone, and often now people say they just hear things when the park should be quiet.

Old Bramlett Road in Greenville is said to be haunted by the ghost of Willie Earle, who was killed by a mob in the mid 1940’s. People have claimed to see a dark form come out of the woods and come towards them, along with sounds from a frenzied group of people.

On Highway 11, just on the Greenville side of the border with Pickens County grows an old, gnarled tree. The story is that a witch was buried there around the time of the Civil War, with a seedling marking the site. The tree is said to rarely bloom, never have animals in or nearby it, and that fallen leaves don’t land on the ground under its branches. To find this tree, you WILL have to hike. The general consensus, however, is that you don’t look for it and if you see it to stay away.

And again, please remember that if you want to check into any of these stories, PLEASE follow all local laws. Many locations are on private land and it may not be safe to just be wandering about for many reasons.

If you know a great story or location not included, please leave it in the comments!

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