Hot Spot Skate Park In Spartanburg is Now Free

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Looking for a place to take the kids where they can grow their skateboard skills? Hot Spot Skate Park is the place! Located at 339 Union Street in Spartanburg, Hot Spot features a variety of street style steps, ramps, ledges, rails, half-pipes, and bowls for kids ages 6 and up.

History of Hot Spot Skate Park

The park opened in 2009 as the first public concrete skate park in the state of South Carolina. Through a partnership with the city of Spartanburg, R.L. Jordan Oil Co., and the Partnership for Active Youth, it was seen as an outlet for kids to be involved in sports through skating.

Know Before You Go

The park is open Monday through Thursday 3 pm-10 pm, Friday 3 pm-11 pm, Saturday 11 am-11 pm, and Sunday 11 am-11 pm. Summer hours are basically the same except it opens at 9 am Monday through Friday. You can read more about this on the skate park website. You will also notice that a signed waiver is required before skating. They have drop boxes located at the park where you can sign prior to your entrance. Helmets are also required and no bikes are allowed. You may note that the website still lists a fee for using the park. That site has not been updated.

At Hot Spot Skate Park

Once we arrived at the park, we geared up and dropped our waiver in the drop box. We noticed that there are several large signs that list the rules and safety tips. There was a really cool wall of graffiti as well as several porta-potties.

This park is a skater’s playground. It is filled with a variety of large and small ramps to accommodate beginners as well as expert skateboarders. Since my kids are only 7 and 8, we eased them into the smaller ramps while we watched some older kids shred the larger, more advanced ramps. They had never seen skaters up close doing tricks before, so they had a blast watching the big kids do their thing.

I highly suggest bringing enough water since kids will be exerting a lot of energy. The parking lot is also very close to the park entrance, so if you need to access your vehicle it’s an easy walk back.

You could easily spend two hours at Hot Spot Skate Park, whether you are practicing or watching the more seasoned skaters. Hot Spot made sure there are areas for everyone regardless of skill. It is a great park to encourage fitness through skating and we are looking forward to returning!

Do you have kids who like to skateboard?

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