Lowes Foods In Greer Is Now Open

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If the Grand Opening of Lowes Foods in Greer is any indication of its success in the future, the brand new grocery store is going to be quite a hit. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to suggest that half of Greer’s entire population came out to get the first look at the store, sample many of their delightful offerings, and enjoy one of the various beers on tap.

The new store is the first opening of Lowes Foods in the Spartanburg/Greenville area. They are a Carolina-based grocer and aim to take their customers on an adventure when doing their weekly grocery shopping. They are committed to bringing “community back to the table”, which means an emphasis on local products.


Touring Lowes

Upon entering the new store, customers may get a feeling they wandered into something that Willy Wonka would have adored, except the giant columns of cheese are unfortunately inedible.

Everything is colorful and inviting and the scent of freshly brewed coffee beckons shoppers to the in-store café, Boxcar Coffee & Chocolates. The specialty cheese section looks like it was designed after the altar at St. Peter’s in Vatican City, with four columns of cheese wheels, rising above a multitude of gouda, mozzarella, goat cheese, parmesan and cheddar.


As customers drift to the back of the store, they find treasures such as Sausage Works, which is filled with homemade sausages with tempting flavors and spices, the Cakery, featuring homemade cakes and sweets, and Pick & Prep, where customers can drop off their fruits and veggies to be prepped while they continue shopping.  There is also a bread bakery called Bread Crumb along with counters that hold fresh seafood, sushi, freshly-made sandwiches and wraps, and smoked meats.

There is also the Beer Den, where customers can grab a beer while they shop, enjoy it in the lounge, or fill up a growler. They carry several beers on tap, including those from local brewers.


Local Food Focused

Lowes Foods is adamant about including as many local products as possible. During the grand opening, there were samples everywhere of cheese, fruit, locally-made salsas, Mimi’s Mountain Mixes of molten chocolate cake and beer soft pretzels, granola, and ham and cheese wheels.

“Like all of our stores, the Greer store is very focused on supporting all things local while providing exceptional attention to our guests,” said Tim Lowe, president of Lowes Foods. “Our commitment includes offering produce sourced through our partnership with more than 200 local farmers and featuring a wide assortment of unique local products found throughout the store.”


Unique Aspects

Some Upstate residents may be wondering why there is another new grocery store opening up here. For one, the area is growing every year and has a greater need for more options. But more options creates more competition, which the Greenville News recently noted equals better quality, lower prices, and more convenience.

Lowes Foods is aware of the competition and has put a lot of thought into how to make their own grocery store stand out and compete for the loyalty of area residents. For kids, the store offers free organic fruits for them to eat while shopping with mom or dad. There is also a Community Table section where kids crafts will sometimes be offered as well as recipe sampling.


Lowes also offers an online personal shopping service where customers pick out what they want online and then pick it up. It’s all about convenience and as parents, that’s certainly a highlight.

The staff were all very kind and considerate and helpful when I was there. They all seemed to genuinely want to create a happy atmosphere for their customers. The only complaint I had was the slow service at the coffee shop and ordering fresh meat. They are likely just working out the kinks of any new store opening.

Overall, shopping at Lowes is a fun experience (which can’t be said about most grocery shopping trips). Be sure to check out their weekly ad because they have some great deals that you won’t want to miss out on, especially as they try to shore up a new base of customers in the Greer area.

Lowes also offers an online personal shopping service where customers pick out what they want online and then pick it up. It’s all about convenience and as parents, that’s certainly a highlight.

Lowes Foods
850 E Suber Rd #200, Greer (corner of Hammett Bridge & Suber Rd)
(864) 848-9666

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