Spartanburg is Sidewall Pizza’s Newest Home

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Are you still searching for that perfect slice of pizza in Spartanburg? One of Greenville’s favorite pizza eateries just expanded to the Hub City and we couldn’t be more excited! We sent one of Kidding Around’s Sidewall fans, Melanie, out to the historic Montgomery Building to scope out the new occupants.

Pizza is one of those things. Once you find a place that does it the way you like, you are fiercely loyal. Sidewall Pizza is that place for Kidding Around’s two resident yankees.  I know it gets bore-some to hear people from New York and New Jersey wax poetic over the pizza “from home,” so I’ll spare our readers all that. Except to say, when you grow up on that kind of pizza, it sort of ruins you for the rest.

Sidewall’s Pizza Menu

Sidewall Pizza Company is some of the closest resemblance I’ve found to how I remember pizza from my childhood. The crust is just the right thickness, the cheese ratio is perfect and the sauce isn’t thick and over seasoned. One of our favorites is the traditional pie with a meatball topping, it’s a huge hit with my kids.

They have several curated pizzas, or you can build your own 14” pizza. Your custom built pizza choices begin with a base of one of three sauces (tomato, roasted garlic or basil pesto), then you get to choose from six different cheeses and over two dozen meat and veggie toppings. The possibilities are endless!

Sidewall’s Specialty Ice Cream and Drinks

But it’s not just the pizza.

Sidewall makes their own specialty ice cream in wonderfully inventive flavors. I don’t think I’d ever even imagined something as wonderful as guava and cream cheese flavored ice cream until I saw it posted to the Sidewall Instagram feed. Vanilla ice cream with pretzels, potato chips and chocolate cookies, black and White cookie ice cream and blueberry pancake are just some of the more recent flavor offerings. People are as crazy about the ice cream offerings as they are the pizza!

Thought goes into everything they offer patrons. You won’t find Pepsi or Coke offered with your pizza. I know this might disappoint some people, but in it’s place they offer something else. Something way better in my opinion, craft sodas that are out of this world. You need to try the black cherry, it’s my favorite. If beer is more your style, they offer that too. Sourced from local breweries!

If all of this wasn’t enough, there’s more.

Sidewall in the Community

The people at Sidewall care about the communities they feed. Kidding Around recently helped out with a back to school event. Sidewall and it’s sister restaurant Monkey Wrench Smokehouse in Travelers Rest helped a lot of kids start school off with a new back pack and school supplies who wouldn’t have had them otherwise. I don’t know about you, but this kind of thing makes my heart happy and my love for a place just a little stronger. Talking to someone from the company about the impact that made on families had us both crying happy tears.

Birthday Pizza at Sidewall

Sidewall loves its patrons, and loves celebrating birthdays with them. Not just birthdays, but half-birthdays too! Who does that? My mom doesn’t even give me anything for my half-birthday! (Note to self, have a talk with mom.)

When you sign up for Sidewall’s birthday club, you get an email leading up to your birthday with a coupon for a free dine-in pizza. Then on your half-birthday you get another email for 50% off a pizza. No strings attached, except for you to enjoy your birthday. This has become our family tradition. It works out perfectly because usually the kids want pizza for their birthday, so it’s a win-win! Signing up for the Sidewall birthday club is super simple and I promise you won’t get tons of junk mail!

One last very important tip. Order a side of their ranch dressing, no matter what. Dip your bread-sticks in it, your pizza crust, your whole pizza…….drink it straight if you need to. It’s that good, and if you are a fan of ranch dressing, you should definitely try it.

I hope you head over to the beautiful Montgomery Building to enjoy what is sure to become one of Spartanburg’s favorite places for pizza. There’s probably a good chance you’ll see my kids and I enjoying our favorite pizza and a bowl of ice cream!

Sidewall Pizza

187 N Church Street
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom to two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures! She enjoys sharing her finds with friends and loves even more that she can share them with Kidding Around readers! She can be found on Instagram @figuringthisoutdotcom
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