Holiday Treats: DIY Take Home Cookie and Cupcake Kits in Spartanburg, SC

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Nothing says the holidays like the fun of baked sweets, cookies and cupcakes sitting on the counter! However, whether you lack the baking skills, time, or tools to accomplish the baking part; there is a way to get to the fun without all of the work. 

We found Upstate bakers who are hooking readers up with take home cookie and cupcake kits to create their own edible masterpieces to share during the holidays. Here’s a list of cookie bakers in Spartanburg that are offering cookie take home kits with ready to decorate cookies, frosting, sprinkles and more!

Don’t feel like doing any of the work? That’s ok! We have a list of Custom Cookie Bakers in Spartanburg, who will provide you with a picture-perfect finished product. 

Emily Faye Cookies 

The kit from Emily Faye Cookies includes:

  • 6 sugar cookies
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Extra bags, and a white bakery box
  • $18

Something unique about the cookies from Emily Faye cookies is the video tutorials she provides to support customers with their cookie-decorating endeavors. 


The kit from Bak’d includes:

  • 18 of their signature sugar cookies
  • 4 Icing bags
  • all of the extras you’ll need to make awesome holiday cookies with your family
  • Orders must be placed by Monday, December 14th
  • $35
Photo Credit: Bak’d, used with permission

Oh Sweets By Hannah

The kit from Oh Sweets by Hannah includes:

  • 6 sugar cookies 
  • 3 buttercream colors 
  • Sprinkles 
  • $20

Smallcakes Spartanburg Cupcake Kit

The kit from Smallcakes Spartanburg includes: 

  • 6 pack of cupcakes
  • 3 bags of icing
  • Sprinkles
  • $25

Smithery Sweets Cookie Kits

The kit from Smithery Sweets Cookie Kits includes: 

  • 12 sugar cookies
  • 4 colors of icing
  • Sprinkles  
  • You can request custom themes
  • $24

Morgan’s Cookie Company

The kit from Morgan’s Cookie Company includes: 

  • 12 sugar cookies
  • royal icing
  • Instructions
  • Orders must be placed by Sunday, December 13th
  • $25

The Frosting Fairy 

The kit from The Frosting Fairy includes: 

  • 6 sugar cookies
  • 3 bags of colored icing.
  • 3 sets of sprinkles
  • $20 
Frosting Fairy Cookie Kits

Sweet Bites of Italy

The kit from Sweet Bites of Italy includes: 

  • 6 chocolate cookies
  • 6 lemon cookies
  • 2 bags of icing (vanilla & chocolate)
  • Sprinkles
  • $25 

Purple Wisk

The kit from Purple Wisk includes: 

  • 12 holiday cut out sugar cookies
  • 3 packets of holiday-themed sprinkles
  • 3 bags of royal icing 
  • 3 days notice to have your order ready
  • They are $20 for one kit or $30 for two kits

Did you decorate a set for the holidays? We wanna know all about it in the comments!


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