Take your Train Fanatic to these Spots to See Trains Near Spartanburg

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Do you live with a kid that loves trains, and want somewhere to go and enjoy this pastime with them? Whether your family is just being introduced to this hobby, you have a Thomas the Train fan, or you just want to learn about some new spots to view trains – we’ve got them here. We’ll tell you which parks are close to tracks and other places you can go to see the trains rolling through Spartanburg!

Children have been enamored by trains for as long as trains have existed. The sense of mystery over where the train had been, where it was going or more often, what it was bringing brought children running when the train would come through.

In modern times children rarely get to ride on a train, further mystifying the transport system for them.

where to see trains near Spartanburg

Where to See Trains Near Greer

Due to it’s close proximity to the Inland Port, Greer’s downtown area has several spots to view the numerous train tracks from.

Victor Park has a playground, basketball courts & a pop up “little” library to keep you entertained while you wait to view a train.

Across the street at Greer City Park, you can also view two other train tracks. This area has a playground, swinging benches and restroom facilities.

Watch trains and shipping containers at the Inland Port

Up the road some on 290 going west, the Inland Port will come into view. This is our favorite place to train watch. There is a pullover spot at the intersection of 290 and Biblebrook drive. From here, you can watch out the window as trains that seem to go on for miles pull in and out of the port. Our favorite part though, is watching the shipping containers being moved. I joke that this would be an awesome job for my retired father who is a whiz at those arcade claw machines. It’s basically the same! A tower rolls back and forth over the train and a huge claw lifts the crate up and over. We like to imagine what’s in those crates whenever we go.

Play at a Playground Near Trains Near Duncan

Head west on 290 a few more minutes and you’ll be in the quaint downtown area of Duncan. This location is also a favorite of ours, The Duncan Family Restaurant nearly sits on the tracks. With a properly timed dinner and a table at the front corner window – it’s like dinner and a show. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the food is good, inexpensive and children friendly!

Just mile or two from the restaurant is a small park on a street corner in Wellford, Spartanburg road & Lawrence street. This tiny little patch with a small concrete amphitheater sits right next to the elevated train tracks. Due to the nature of the park being sandwiched between the two streets, I suggest this location only for older children or children content to be contained in a stroller. Not a place for strong-willed toddlers, who might run into the roads.

Where to Find Trains in Spartanburg

Irwin Avenue Park is located just outside of downtown Spartanburg and is a 14 acre overlooked gem. Only a small street separates the park from train tracks. You’ll have a perfect view from the playground or the picnic shelter.

If you haven’t already been to the Hub City Railroad Museum, check out our review of it.

When you visit the museum, see if you can get the volunteers to share some of their favorite viewing spots with you.

For the ultimate Railfan trip, check out Air B&B. I just found out there are several places in North Carolina where rail cars have been turned into vacation rental spots! Sounds like fun!

Where does your family like to seek out trains?

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