Where You Can Go Karting in the Upstate

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Thinking about visiting a local karting track? There are a few to choose from in Spartanburg. Kidding Around’s Melanie has all the info so you can get racing. So, grab the girls for a girls’ night out, your significant other for a date, or your arch nemesis for a karting throwdown. Either way, check out this list of places where you can go karting in the Upstate.

Do you have someone in your life, that you’re always competing with?

A friend, a sibling or a co-worker? Are you looking for that perfect activity to establish dominance over them and prove once and for all that you reign supreme?

Well I do, it’s my co-worker at Kidding Around. Kristina, is the best at everything she does. So, I have initiated a three step plan to challenge her to a Go-Karting throw down. If I am successful I will have earned the right to tease her endlessly. 


Find all the places I can hone my karting skills in the Upstate. There are several, and to be the best of the best I feel like I need to experience every track possibility.

Places to Race Karts in the Upstate

Speed Factory Indoor Karting
1524 Roper Mountain Road, Greenville

Speed Factory Indoor Karting
130 East Daniel Morgan Avenue, Spartanburg

Speed Factory Locations offer one track each. The Spartanburg track switches between three different layouts, and the Greenville switches between two. Children ages 11-17 can qualify to race by completing  the Jr Driving Academy course, free of charge.

Annual Licensing fee – $5
Race Prices – 1 race / $20 , 2 races/$30, 3 races/$50, 4 races/$50, 5 races/$60, 6 races/ $70
Wednesday special (Wednesday and Tuesday in Greenville) – unlimited 3 hours racing for $80
Friday special – Ladies receive a $5 discount when their date makes a full price race purchase

LeMans Karting
961 Berry Shoals Road, Duncan

Lemans karting offers 2 different tracks that can combine to make a MegaTrack. Children as young as 8 are eligible to participate, when a reservation is made. Children can qualify for the cadet (8-13 years old) or junior program (11-17 years old).

Annual Licensing fee – $15
Race Prices – 1 race / $25 , 2 races / $45, 3 races / $50


Practice , practice, practice! 

Speed Factory offers discounted nights, so that will help because I will need to go frequently.   

  • Wednesday special (Wednesday and Tuesday at Greenville location) unlimited 3 hours racing for $80
  • Friday special – Ladies receive a $5 discount when their date makes a full price race purchase

No matter which facility you choose, there are some things you should remember. Closed toed shoes are mandatory and you must have your state issued drivers license to have the most fun. If you are challenging a younger sibling and want to level the playing field, they can attend a free qualifying course so they can race as an adult.

You can race against other people on the track until you have the best time in the Upstate.


Once you feel like you have mastered the track, it’s time to issue the challenge. While it might take a bit longer than you wish to get to this step, trust me your patience will pay off. Don’t forget you’re in it for the long game.

When the day at the track arrives, don’t be nervous, you’ve trained for this moment. Don’t forget to have a fully charged battery for your camera so that the entire glorious culmination of your training can be captured for all to see.

When you successfully finish first, be humble. Thank them for accepting your challenge, and then treat them to their favorite treat at Rocky Moo.

(While you’re at Rocky Moo, start planning the next challenge)

We hope you are successful in your karting throw down! If not, don’t worry there are plenty of other beautiful places to live in South Carolina.

Who do you plan to take karting?

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom to two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures! She enjoys sharing her finds with friends and loves even more that she can share them with Kidding Around readers! She can be found on Instagram @figuringthisoutdotcom

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