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Thinking about moving to Spartanburg, SC? Its a well loved city, and we’re telling you why. From great libraries, to the arts, food, and all the seasons, Spartanburg is pretty special.

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Confession – When I moved to Spartanburg 8 years ago, it was not love at first sight. I grew up in a larger city and spent my early adult years in big cities, so the Upstate led to a bit of culture shock and loneliness. To be fair, I would have felt this way moving anywhere where I did not know anyone. In my first year in Spartanburg, I struggled to meet people and spent far too much time alone in my house.

Love Where You Live Spartanburg SC

However, when my first child was born, I knew that was no way to live. This is when I began exploring our city and quickly realized all I had been missing when locked indoors. Spartanburg has A LOT! As soon as I started looking for things to do with my son, it became clear that Spartanburg would be a fantastic place to raise a family and settle down. So, that’s what we’ve done.

Eight years later, I can proudly say I love where I live – and my friends agree! I recently asked on social media for reasons Spartanburg is so loved. The list was gigantic, but here are the things that came up time and time again.

Location, Location, Location!

Spartanburg is within driving distance to both the mountains and the beach. You can make it to Asheville in an hour and to Myrtle Beach in three hours. If you do need a dose of city life, Charlotte is only an hour away and Atlanta is only two hours away.

Small Town Charm

We have everything we need right here in Spartanburg County – with many of our needs being met by local businesses. Spartanburg takes pride in its history, so part of its charm seeing older structures being renovated and used by a new generation. The downtown area has grown to include an array of neat shops, family-friendly restaurants, and The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (a family favorite). To top it off, the people are friendly and southern. Newcomers should not be surprised when strangers greet them with a “Hey y’all!” or bring them a meal when they are sick.

Four True Seasons

Spartanburg has four true seasons. Summer is hot and humid. Fall in the Upstate looks just like the illustrations in a children’s book. Winter brings the cold and the snow. Since we’ve lived here, it has snowed at least twice every year. Fortunately, not blizzards like the North, but enough to turn everything white and make schools close for a day. And, springtime warms up and the flowers start to bloom again.

An Exceptional Library System

Our readers cannot stop raving about our public library system. It not only provides the community with tons of free resources, it also hosts multiple free events for children, teens, and adults. In my honest opinion, our library system is the best one I have been a patron of. Our libraries really are something to love.

Culinary Delights

If you are a foodie, then you know the Spartanburg food scene is on the rise. We have several amazing local restaurants (with more on the way). Instead of going to chain restaurants, locals like to head to places like Willy Taco, The Crepe Factory, and Cribbs.

Tons of Opportunities to Get Outside

Given Spartanburg’s location, it is easy to get outside all year long. Hikers can head to Croft State Park or any of the nearby hiking trails. Plus, Spartanburg has parks all over the county that are huge hits with parents. Come summer time, there are also splash pads to check out.

A Growing Art Scene

If you drive around downtown Spartanburg, you will discover the artbulbs project, as well as several colorful murals. Additionally, the Chapman Cultural Center is home to Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg Little Theatre, and more! Locals can go to live shows and musical performances right here in town.

An Abundance of Family-Friendly Events

Finally, Spartanburg hosts tons of family-friendly events annually. Families love to go to Spring Fling, the International Festival, the Kite Festival, and Dickens of a Christmas. While these are major annual events, the city also hosts Music on Main and Jazz on the Square regularly.

I love where I live – and our readers do too! Let us know why you love where you live in the comments.

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Jennifer relocated to Spartanburg seven years ago, and now spends her days working from home and taking care of her two kids. She loves this area because we can go from rural areas to urban areas to the mountains within an hour. Her favorite things to do with her kids are using their imaginations and visiting Spartanburg County local libraries. Follow Jennifer at www.litlovingmom.com.

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