Your Spartanburg, SC Bucket List for 2021

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Do you want to plan ahead for the new year?
We’ve compiled a 2021 bucket list of family-friendly fun to be had in Spartanburg. Let’s make 2021 the best year for Spartanburg families ever!

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2021 Spartanburg Bucket List

If we are honest, our bucket lists this year look a whole lot different than in past years. While many of the things we would traditionally include on a list won’t be found this year, they’ve been replaced with activities that are just as worthy.

Go on an Agritourism Adventure                  

Spartanburg is home to several farms that are perfect outings for families. During the fall, go apple picking and spend time at Strawberry Hill’s Fall Festival. During the spring and summer, pick your own berries at a local farm, such as Greyrock Farms.

If you are looking for a motivator to get you out and exploring the local farms, the South Carolina Agritourism Passport is a great way to do that. You’ll get to visit South Carolina State farms, growers, and vendors plus you’ll earn prizes! In 2021 I’m all about free incentive programs!

Croft State Park, Spartanburg

Explore The Outdoors

In 2020 the way to be was wild and free. So many families found themselves exploring the outdoors as a new way to get out of the house. Luckily there are so many beautiful green spaces in Spartanburg and the Upstate to “get lost in.”

Remember how I mentioned I was all about free incentive programs in 2021? Well, guess what? There are two more for you to try for this year!
The Kids in Parks incentive program is a great way to get kids out and exploring the outdoors. Official locations offer educational activities in the form of special activity brochures. My kids love this program!

The South Carolina State Parks Department offers its own incentive program for families. The nice thing about this program is there’s no time constraint. It takes you as long as it takes. The hardest part is remembering where you last laid down the Ultimate Outsider Guide Book. (Maybe that’s just me) For each State Park you visit, you get a unique stamp in your book, and when you get done, there are prizes! While you’re in the park, don’t forget to ask about the Jr. Ranger program for kids!

Dine Outdoors at a (New to You) Restaurant

No matter what kind of food you like, it’s here! Spartanburg even has an Indian restaurant again! So many long time favorites didn’t survive the chaos of 2020. The best way for you to help restaurants survive through to 2022 is to support them with your appetite! While many people won’t feel comfortable dining indoors, there’s take-out options, curbside delivery, and outdoor dining. Now is a great time to try something new from a locally owned restaurant!

See Some Art

Spartanburg is lucky enough to have art on every corner. You can download the map to tour all the art bulbs or do a Mural Tour of the Upstate. You would not believe how many murals there are in Spartanburg alone! Amazingly, we live in a place that embraces the arts as it does.

Create Your Families Own Top Ten List of Things in Spartanburg                                            

My kids and I are always having to work on lists like this for my work, but what if your family made it a challenge to do it for fun? What is your family passionate about? Food, Parks, the possibilities are endless! Social media can give your family the platform to share your findings with friends and family to see what they think the list should look like. If you can’t decide, try starting with a “Top Ten Places To Eat Pizza In Spartanburg” challenge. People are VERY passionate about pizza, and no matter what you choose, and who you share your choices with, there’s going to be disagreements. As I said, people are passionate about pizza!

Read, Play, Learn, and Make with the Library

The Spartanburg County Public Library is home to more than books. While the classes previously offered have been put on hold due to covid, there are still so many resources that the library can offer in addition to reading material! Want to learn how to knit? They can help! Want to learn how to make an Elsa-shaped cake and decorate it? Yup, they can help you with that too! Everything from learning another language, to using a 3d Printer – The Spartanburg Library has the power to make that a reality for you in 2021! The Spark Space Maker Space is unlike anything you’ve seen in a library!

Get Some Roadschooling Done

My family, like so many others this past year has chosen to homeschool. We’ve taken travel precautions and hit the road to learn about the world around us, in a unique way. There are places in Spartanburg and beyond filled with things to learn! Here’s our list of educational travel day trips and vacations from the Upstate.

We traveled to Charleston and Chattanooga over the summer to study history, science, and English literature. There are so many opportunities to learn when you go someplace, and it doesn’t always require an overnight stay.

What would you add to your Spartanburg Bucket List? Let us know in the comments!

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